CLST 103 Final: CLST part 3

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Gives background on the hardships faced by aeneas (the storm) Meet juno and the tension between juno and jupiter. Aeneas carry"s his father, son and household gods out of the house when the fire goes down. Aeneas tries to go back for her but its too late. Image of him carrying them out is similar to augustus and cesar imagery. Aeneas was a symbol of a good man in society. Cyclopes (added in to be a humorous part in the story) They fall in love, but its known that it is not meant to be. Dido ends up killing herself (in a way that cleopatra does, this is another similarity) Juno interferes because she wants aeneas to stay and found carthage but he knows that is not his plan. Rumor flies and tells dido that aeneas will be leaving (that"s when she commits suicide) Aeneas misses his father which leads to book 6.

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