COMM 103 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Server Farm, Petabyte, Vulcanization

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19 Oct 2013
MIS Midterm Exam Review
Oct 2013
Chapter 1 (Q1-Q5) / Lecture 1
Information system (IS) a group of components that interact to produce
information. Comprise of a five-component framework of: computer hardware,
software, data, procedures, and people
Management information systems (MIS) comprise the development and use of
information systems that help organizations achieve their goals and objectives
1. Components of an IS
2. Achieving business goals & objectives
3. Implementation of an IS
Information Technology (IT) refers to methods, inventions, standards, and
products. Refers to raw technology, such as the hardware, sotware and data
compoents of an IS
-IT will not help an organization reach its goals and objectives by itself, only when
embedded into an IS when combined when the people and procedure components
is it useful
Chapter 2 (Q1-Q6) / Lecture 2
Business process a series of tasks or steps designed to produce a product or a
service (also can be referred to as a business system) i.e. inventory management
processes, manufacturing processes, sales processes, customer support processes
-consists of activities, resources, facilities, and information:
Activities can consist of purely manual activities (people following
procedures), be automated or controlled by computers (hardware directed by
software), or be a combination of both
Resources items of value i.e. a person working, the supplier the customer’s
cash, a case of milk
Facilities structures used within the business process i.e. factories, pieces of
equipment, filing cabinets, inventories & databases
Information activities use information to determine how to transform the
inputs they receive into the outputs they produce
process excellence is improving the way that businesses create and deliver value to
Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN) a standard set of terms and
graphical notations for documenting the business process
Information is data presented in a meaningful context, or processed data i.e. data is
the fact that Jeff earns $10 an hour, while information is that Jeff earns less than half
the average hourly wage of the garden department he works at
Characteristics of Good Information:
Accurate based on correct and complete data, and has been processed correctly as
Timely produced in time for its intended use
Relevant to the contect and the subject at hand
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Just barely sufficient there is a lot of information, some of which must be ignored,
so info should be sufficient, but just barely so
Worth its cost there must be an appropriate relationship between the cost of
information and its value
Business process management (BPM) using information generated from
business processes to determine how the process can be improved i.e. using the info
in the inventory database to assess an inventory ordering strategy, or to determine
how much the organization is losing from waste and theft losses
-promotes the development of effective and efficient processes through continuous
improvement and innovation
-total quality management, six sigma, and lean production are methods of BPM
Automated system work formerly done by people who followed procedures has
been moved so that computers now do work by following instructions in software
In the above diagram, people and hardware are both actors since they can take
actions, while the software and procedure components are both sets of instructions:
software is instructions for hardware, and procedures are instructions for people.
Counter Sales at a Tim Horton’s:
-cash register
-database host
program on
cash register
-sales data
-operate cash
Mostly an automated system
almost all work done by
computers and software
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Payment System A/P clerk
-reconcile receipt document
with invoice
-issue payment authorization, if
-process exceptions
Benefits of networked IS:
Consistency across franchises
Faster problem resolution (can pinpoint what went wrong)
Can see from anywhere
-the majority of IS issues begin at counter sales, where orders are inputted wrong
Disadvantages of IS
An issue at any step could bring the whole system down
Workers are only are of what they have to do don’t understand the whole
Chapter 11 (Q1 & Q2) / Lecture 2
Chief Information Officer (CIO) - a common title for the principal manager of the
IT department. Reports to the CEO, CFO, or COO
Chief Technology Officer (CTO) often heads the technology group that
investigates new IS technologies and determines how the organization could benefit
from them
Slides: A Typical IS/IT department:
1. Business solutions group builds, enhances, and supports business
applications i.e. stores payment and loyalty systems (customer facing),
logistics systems (product movemet), financial and HR systems (support
functions), merchandising systems (product buying and pricing) includes
roles like programmers, systems analysts, business analysts, solution
architects, project managers
2. Technology group manages the technology setup and maintain the
processors, desktops, databases, networks, etc. “keep the lights on”. Includes
roles like database analysts, info security and risk management analysts, data
network specialist, computer operators etc.
a. IT service management
b. Info security
c. Planning and performance (capacity)
d. Enterprise systems software
e. Network management
Mostly a manual system almost
all work done by a/p clerk
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