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COMM 132 Final: Marketing Flashcards Week 10-11

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Queen's University
COMM 132
Laurence Ashworth

development of original products, product new product development improvements, product modifications, and new brands through own R&D efforts 1. exist in limbo (limited differentiation) inferences & decidee how customers search, make 3. product is in new category and requires learningns for why 4. product is revolutionary & there is no market for it products fail 5. incomplete product definition before development a method for new product design thinking development that involves prototyping and iterative development emphasize, define, ideate, process of design thinking prototype, test (lecture) emphasize learn about audience gain perspective on define motivations brainstorm as many ideate solutions as possible build a representation of prototype one or more ideas share with user for test feedback 1. Product falls short of claims 2. Poor execution of marketing mix 3. Bad timing execution/implementation 4. No economic access to buyers reasons for product failure 5. Company can't support fast growth inspiration, ideation, process of design thinking implementation (reading) 1. Immediate Low-End 2. Immediate High-End 3. Fringe Market Low-End 6 types of innovation 4. New Attribute High-End 5. Detached Market Low-End positioning 6. New Market High-End Approach Immediate Low-End weak ne
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