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COMM 132 Final: Marketing Flashcards Week 3-4

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COMM 132
Laurence Ashworth

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analytical process of segmentation breaking the market into distinct groups demographic, geographic, traditional approach to psychographic, behavioural segmentation product/selling oriented overemphasize the easily observable,downfalls to traditional descriptions may not correlate with actual need, segmentation stereotypes the average customer guess, secondary data, quantitative surveys, methods to find segments qualitative research 1. identify problems groups face 2. develop coherent clusters of needs steps for segmentation 3. split or cross existing categories 4. combine product features no solution for job, non- consumption, work- types of problems arounds, avoidance tasks, surprising uses by customers face customers social, functional, dimensions of a product emotional a brand tightly associated purpose brand with the job it is being hired for results in high brand equity, guides customers to right product, guides development, benefits of purpose brand clarifies relevant features, less easy to copy than performance provides a general sense endorser brand of quality, does not guide people to a specific job identifiable, substantial, framework for targeting accessible, stable, (what makes a good differentiable, actionable segment) functional, emotional, life types of value (value changing, social impact pyramid) evaluating each market segment's attractivenes
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