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COMM 151
Bill Cooper

151 Midterm Notes Introduction 1. Dealing with Richard Millar Rebecca Olson handles a harassment case -Rebecca tries to keep the case quiet and confidential after forcing Richard to resign when in fact his situation could have been much worse. She handles it the best she could and Richard is treated very well. Too long, bad ending media, harrasements. Thoughtful planning 2. The new product launch Whether to share credit with a subordinate? -Share the credit. It is the ethical thing to do, and there will be other opportunities for you to shine. 3. Should I tell the truth? London banker wonders about making a speech -Should not bash the company as this could hurt chances of future employment. Always important to be classy and poised. Other ways to release stress/tension 4. Dear Lucy Some FT advice for a reluctant promotion-taker -She doesn’t think she is ready for the promotion, scared to fail -FT is none conventional and tells her its okay to say no, however she may infact be qualified for the position and may regret missing out in the future or may be happy for sparing herself the angst 5. The Winnipeg case Paul is bringing Robert to Peter’s banquet -Peter should be aware of Pauls feelings and respect his life choices however it will be important to be aware of who he sits beside, and notify people before hand. 6. The speechwriter What to do about getting credit -Boss may be stuck or may be rising. May have aspirations or may be content 7. Janice Donovan Donald Byrd introduce the new CEO -Although she is given no respect, she rebounds very well. Will prove herself over time, slowly tries to build relationships with team. Important to have the ability to think on your feet, keep composure. 8. Tina Babcock Tina arrives by limousine and cleans house -Although she is obviously searching for power and respect and is slightly harsh in doing so, often companies who need a turn around need someone like Tina 9. Tucker Sealing the barrel after the carcinogens are out -He doesn’t act because he said the carcinogens were already out, it wasn’t his responsibility for the potential harm that was caused, and he did not want to limit his career or his company. 10.Worried in Vancouver To take a promotion or turn it down? -Turn it down. Find a non work issue as a reason not to take the promotion. Happiness is sometimes more important than career advancements 11.Susan Carter Brian the client lunges at Susan the consultant -Ask for more challenging work, say you have advanced as far as you can on this case and slowly guide replacements for the first little while until client is content. 12.Stitch in time Kerry says Building B is 80% done -Kerry has his reputation to worry about 13.Barbara Spector An ad executive does not get the coffee -A women needs to be assertive and confident in their role, therefore, I would politely get the coffee but also introduce myself and my position 14.My first real job Her boss asks how a project is going - At this point, it is important to be honest but also have a plan of action of how you will catch up and complete the project in face of the barriers. 15.My Teflon® boss Your boss doesn’t back you up on policies -Difficult to take the blame, be thrown under the bus. Talk to boss again, talk to supervisor, and if all else fails quit. No use being miserable. 16.Dating my manager Your colleague is paid more than you -If you are happy, why sweat it? It didn’t matter as much before you found out about the colleague. Perception -Mindfulness, Mindlessness and Impression Management Cialdini, Chapter 1, Weapons of Influence Click, whirr, Langer’s photocopying mindlessness -People will buy things when marked on sale. Expensive = good -Mother turkey will nurse a pole cat (preditor) as long as it hears the “Cheep cheep” noise that its babies make. Fixed action patterns, do without thinking. -Using the photocopier for no real “reason” -Mental shortcuts in everyday life, pay less attention when we expect things -More attention when we don’t expect, or event is unusual -Saves us time and energy but makes us vulnerable to profiteers, increased chances of error and bad perception -Perception – buy a suit first, sweater second. Sweater seems insignificant, contrast -People are more likely to deal with information in a controlled fashion when they have both the desire and the ability to analyze it carefully Ropes Hi, call me Stanley plays horseshoes with Mr. Marsh at the company picnic -arrogant towards Mr. Marsh, does not realize who he is. Mindlessness, egocentric, falsify impression management The power of positive thinking Stanley learns to insulate with Expandrium -Stanley lies on the companies behalf. Mindfulness of the companies reputation and goals. Wants the company to be well perceived. Impression management, whats good for the company Cleanliness is next to …..? Stanley shows Lesley the importance of a dirty manual -Example of the companies mindlessness. They don’t bother to truly monitor, they assume a dirty manual = hard work. Look of a winner Stanley’s Army coat at HQ/mid-management flannel shirt -Impression Management, want to be perceived as successful, reflects in what you wear. Mindlessness when people judge others by their appearance and not about their actual competencies and capabilities “Hi, sweetie …..” Lesley fixes the machine and Chuck Toole the supervisor as well -Struggle to prove her competence. Wants to have good impression on people, wants acceptance and approval. People are impressed although they may not like her. Lesley must go above and beyond to earn credit/respect. Cases The Locked Door On not having full access to our thinking -Snap judgements on past experiences. Unconcious -Walking slowly after a lot of negative words. Not interrupting after calming words -Daters don’t actually know what they are looking for. Make snap judgements that and mindless when in head have fabricated a mindful image of the perfect mate. -Unconciously pick up on a solution for the ropes. We learn by example. Often we are ignorant but refuse to admit it. When Steve becomes Stephanie Worries when a sales director announces upcoming gender change -Steve has been successful at the company. Will be a process before he is a woman. Clients are conservative, colleagues may not accept. Perception of him will change. Company will be worried about impression management of their company. Should probably separate Alex and Steve, find another partenership for them both. Transfer clients once change has been made. He is a valuable employee and his lifechoices should be respected. Impression Management -Bounded rationality: limited in our ability to process information – there is just too much to know and we have a hard time processing it -Information asymmetry: information is unequally distributed – some know more than others -Often fall for the tricks of impression managers due to bounded rationality, information asymmetry and mindlessness. -Everyone is motivated to be liked, but this can lead to stretching the truth -Information is worded a certain way to strategically manage impression however it may be far from the truth. Find ways to look attractive Ropes -Achievement is rewarded by promotion, we believe we will climb the latter some day therefore we are okay with hierarchies. Myth that the only thing that counts towards promotion is performance. Superiors>subordinates -Symbols are important. They signify achievement, status. Ex: Larger office. -Earned status is different from ascribed status. Some people are born with a status due to race, religion, family ect. -People start to behave the way we expect them to behave -Communication is used to get people to believe certain things, supports the structure and authority of an organization, however it can be misleading. -What we “know” about the organization often comes from symbols and status -Beliefs, attitudes and motives all reinforce the companies belief system and status hierarchy that is the leadership of the organization Cat in the hat Lesley gets the coffee and wishes she had worn a hat -Important to set yourself apart from other women. Make it known of your status, manage your impression actively. As I recall Ted gives a revised account of the CATCHUP goals -Gives false impression of himself and who he hired. Wants to protect his reputation because he invested in this individual. Success Story Ben works very hard to help Coolie Bell reach the top -Cooley will make it due to his status. He pulls his weight because of his status he had to help him keep his impression as he is not capable. Spacemen Stanley learns about the meanings of desks and offices -He is worried people will devalue him because he does not have a big office yet he is on the management floor. Right away, he will not be valued because of his status. Cases Dressing up prestige-poor IPOs -Want to have prestigious affiliates in order to get a higher IPO. Want to manage the impression others view of the company. Makes seem more attractive. -Difficult for startups. The rich get richer. -Snowball: If seen as prestigious, this attracts higher level affiliates since people want to be seen with people like them. As urgency increases near the end of the year, more executives are hired to dress up the company. The urgency results in scarcity. In order for lower statuses to attract the prestigious affiliates they will have to pay a much higher premium - Their focus (“dependent variables”) is on the number of high prestige executives and directors hired and the price they paid for them -Among the predictors (“independent variables”) are: Control variables (variables you are not really interested in but which are likely to affect the dependent variables), the preexisting prestige of the start-ups and the urgency Being good versus looking good Business School rankings as quality -Once a school is seen as prestigious or non prestigious it often remains that way. Ressources are often used to improve image -Falling rankings, carefully worded in order to still appear successful. -Higher rankings means can charge more money for tuition -Pseudo actions don’t actually add to the school but they appear to increase rankings. Schools imitate higher ranked schools to be like them – homogenous Fat Chance Bill has to decide about promoting Sid -can promote him and reduce the risk by having him work with other consultants. Monitoring, feedback, partnered with someone, probationary, shadow,
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