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COMM 151
Ethan Pancer

Chapter 1Organizations social inventions for accomplishing common goals through group effort Organizational behaviour the attitudes and behaviours of individuals and groups in organizationsSustained competitive advantage and organizational effectiveness are increasingly related to the management of human capital and organizational behaviour Goals predicting explaining and managing behaviour that occurs in organizations o Predicting of the behaviour of otherso Explaining explain events in organizations o Management the art of getting things accomplished in organizations through othersClassical view point an early prescription on management that advocated high specialization of labour intensive coordination and centralized decision makingo 1900so Military settings mining operations and factoriesScientific Management Frederick Taylors system for using research to determine the optimum degree of specialization and standardization of work taskso by the ruleswritten instruction o functional foremanshipsupervisors specializationBureaucracy Max Webers ideal type of organization that included a strict chain of command detailed rules high specialization centralized power and selection and promotion based on technical competence Hawthorn studies Research conducted at the Hawthorne plant of Western Electric near Chicago in the 1920s and 1930s that illustrated how psychological and social processes affect productivity and work adjustment Human relations movement a critique of classical management and bureaucracy that advocated management styles that were more participative and oriented toward employee needs o Strict specialization incompatible with human needs for growtho Strong centralization often fail to take advantage of creative ideas and knowledge of lower members o Strict impressionable rules suppress achievement above and beyond o Strong specialization causes employee to lose sight of goals of organization which leadership style is most effective is dependent on the situationContingency approach an approach to management that recognizes that there is no one best way to manage and that an appropriate management style depends on the demands of the situation Formal Authority and Status Decsional Roles Informattional Roles Interpersonal Roles EntrepreneurMonitor Figurehead Disturbance handler Disseminator Leader Resource alllocatro SpokespersonLiasons Negotiator Interpersonal Roles expected behaviours that have to do with establishing and maintaining interpersonal relations o Figurehead role managers serve as symbols of their organization o Leadership role managers select mentor reward and discipline employees o Liaison role managers maintain horizontal contracts inside and outside the organizationInformational Roles roles concerned with the various ways managers receive and transmit information o Monitor role managers scan the internal and external environments of the firm to follow current performance and to keep themselves informed of the new ideas and trends o Disseminator role managers send information on both facts and preferences to others o Spokesperson role concerns mainly sending messages into the organizations external environment Decisional Roles final set of managerial roles Mintzberg discussed deals with decision makingo Entrepreneur role managers turn problems and opportunities into plans for improved changes o Disturbance Handler role managers deal with problems stemming from employee conflicts and address threats to resources and turf o Resource allocation role managers decide how to deploy time money personnel and other critical resourceso Negotiator role managers conduct major negotiations with other organizations and individualsRoutine communication formal sending of information and the handling of paperworkTraditional management planning decision making and controlling primarily
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