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COMM 173 Quiz: IB Quiz 5

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Queen's University
COMM 173
Keith Rogers

business, country, functional, corporate types of managers furthers the company's pursuit of global scale, business manager efficiency, and effectiveness sensitive to the local market; handles full or partial product country manager line within a country and coordinates with global brand activities ensures that learning spreads from market to functional manager market; technical or area specialist tends to be more senior; responsible for corporate manager integrating various elements of value chain polite, persistent, 4 elements of being patient, present an effective manager populating the MNE with home country nationals in ethnocentric staffing senior positions; useful if shared values are important; expensive host country nationals manage overseas operations; useful polycentric staffing for decentralized operations for adaptation the most qualified person, regardless of geocentric staffing nationality, manages home and host country operations cultural versatility, infinite adaptability, important attributes patience, and for global executive perseverance cross-cultural awareness, communication skills, country specific training, host countryeps to build a staff development, business global mindset management skill development intellectual capital, psychological capital, 3 components of a global mindset social capital knowledge of intellectual capital international business
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