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COMM 231 (Dr. Ashworth) Week One Notes.docx

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COMM 231
Leslie W Mac Kenzie

COMM 231 – Intro to Marketing: Dr. Laurence Ashworth Week One: • Segmentation = discovering groups within society that share the same needs. - Marketing starts with segmentation, and it’s very hard to do • You have to segment the market with a new product • Marketing is not just promotion • Marketing is engaging in exchange: trading value for money • Satisfying a need is a rewarding experience • Violence satisfies a need for dominance • We satisfy needs through consumption • Marketing process as it relates to needs: - Needs are at the heart of marketing - Marketers attempt to understand consumer’s needs - Think about which groups of people have particular needs - Which of those groups can the company satisfy? - Use marketing tools to create a desirable product offering • Don’t ever just rely on what customers tell you • Product offering: what tools do marketers use for you to engage in their product? - 4 P’s: product, price, place, promotion
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