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English 100 Exam Review

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ENGL 100
Molly Wallace

English 100 Exam Review 29/11/2012 16:30:00 ← Howl in Light of the Course so far… • Representing the 99% o Economic status more a matter of choice; able to protest by “burning their money in wastebaskets” o What drove the “best minds” mad was in part capitalism, which is not just a set of material conditions and a mode of production buta colonization of the mind eg. Moloch • Race o “dragging themselves through the negro streets at dawn” – why are the streets “negro”? Are the “best minds” racially marked? • Gender o Challenges heteronormativity and homophobia: “frightened me out of my natural ecstasy” o Are the “best minds” marked by gender? • What makes a livable life? o Uses imaginative media to ask big questions – suggesting that this is one way literature can matter! ENGLISH 100 EXAM Monday December 10 at 9:00am ← Overview • Consists of two sections, each of which requires that you write two essays - for a total of 4 essays. Please do not duplicate texts on the exam. Only talk about each text in one essay maximum. Over the course of the exam, then, you will be required to use a minimum of six of the texts of course . Read through entire exam before you begin. ← Part 1: Close Reading • Two essays, 25% each • Choose 2 of them and write an essay on each that 1. Identifies the author and text from which it comes, (2) explain immediate context and then (3) discusses the meaning of the passage itself and (4) the importance of the passage for the whole work from which it comes. Be as specific as possible. How does the passage reflect
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