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Geologic conditions govern the type, location and intensity of natural processes. Large scale processes that deform earth"s crust and produce landforms. Involves the creation, destruction and movement of tectonic plates. Rock are aggregates of one of more minerals. Different rocks are formed by different processes. Rock types in a location give clues to geological past and present. Refers to recycling of three major rock types. Sedimentary rocks: weathered into sediment by wind and water. Deposited sediment is converted into sedimentary rock by lithification. Metamorphic rock: changed through extreme pressure, heat or chemically active fluids. Solar energy drives movement of water between atmosphere and oceans and continents. Processes include: evaporation, precipitation, surface runoff, and subsurface flow in groundwater. The transfer or cycling of an element or elements though the atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere: carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus. Elements and chemical compounds are transferred via a series of reservoirs: vegetation, soil, etc.