GEOL 106 (Winter 2014) Exhaustive Compilation of Exam Bank FIB, SA and Diagram Questions (2008-2011)

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Geological Sciences and Geological Engineering
GEOL 106
John Hanes

FIB 1. What are the two main factors that determine whether a landslide will occur or not? a) _________________________________ b)_____________________________________ 2. Rocks can have joints. What are three things that can cause joints? a)_________________b)_________________________c)___________________________ 3. When magma comes out of the ground, it will be in one of two forms. These are: a)____________________________________b)___________________________________ 4. Brad Allenby, in discussing Earth Systems Engineering, argues that a suitable ethical framework for ESE requires us to work toward two goals. They are: a)______________________ b)_______________________________ What are the thtree main factors that determine whether a landslide will occur or not? 1______________________ 2______________________ 3______________________ A stratovolcano near Vancouver has recently become mildly active. What are the three main approaches that geologists use to monitor the volcano in order to try and predict when it might erupt violently? 1.___________________________________________ 2____________________________________________ 3____________________________________________ When magma comes out of the ground, if will be one of two forms: 1._________________________________2_____________________________ Describe the general approach by listing the five main steps in the order in which they would be applied, providing a very brief explanation of each. Step 1:__________________________________________________________________________________ Step 2:___________________________________________________________________________________ Step 3:___________________________________________________________________________________ Step 4:__________________________________________________________________________________ Step 5: __________________________________________________________________________________ Stratovolcano is mildly active. To predict when it will erupt, we use three main methods to monitor the behaviour of the volcano. In the space below, list the three methods, with a REALLY brief explanation for each of why we are carrying out that monitoring method: 1.______________________________________________________________________________________ 2._______________________________________________________________________________________ 3._______________________________________________________________________________________ To reduce the probability of a landslide happening, we can carry out mitigation techniques to stabilze the slope. List three approaches that one could take to achieve this stabilization (3) 1.______________________________________________________________________________________ 2._______________________________________________________________________________________ 3._______________________________________________________________________________________ SA 1. Difference between? a) porosity and permeability b) mafic igneous rocks and felsic igneous rocks c) hazard and risk 2. a) What are the hazards associated with stratovolcanoes (I.e. composite volcanoes?) For each hazard, give some explanation of the exact nature of the danger (7 of the 10 marks). b) What is it about the nature of stratovolcanoes and their magma that leads to the dangers which you have outlined (3 out of 10 marks) 3. Explain what the water table is, and explain how measurements of it can be used to determine the direction of underground water flow. (5) 4. Explain how ocean crust is formed, and how continental crust is formed, indicating their
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