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Week 3 Reading 1 Notes for Quiz

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Queen's University
GPHY 101
Anne M C Godlewska

Geography – Week 3 Reading Number 1 – Notes for Quiz ARTICLE 1 – Rhys Jones and Richard Phillips – Imperialism  Need to look at long term and in different locations to gain full understanding of imperialism  Imperialism – unequal economic, cultural, and territorial relationships based on domination and subordination  Colonialism – a form of imperialism – the establishment and maintenance of rule and/or the tangible settlement of people and the displacement or subordination of others  Modern vs. premodern colonialism  Debate over what is considered colonialism – also: formal/informal colonialism  A common theory – framework to analyze differences between colonialisms  Over Euro-centralized – more Europeans studying it – most European movement in modern era – geography as a discipline emerges in modern era  Different forms of geography/colonialism – no definitive shift from modern to postmodern  Bartlett – modern colonialism revolves around difference – premodern subsumes it  Distance as a measured space, or as the time, difficulty and importance of getting to another space (as well as cultural differences)  Differences are the result of human thought and action  ‘race’ as a new term/concept – “empire” as predominanc
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