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GPHY 101
Anne M C Godlewska

RAY I HAVE LIVED ALL Rupert’s Land – Hudson’s Bay Company’s Northern and Southern dpts - Raw materials, market for eastern goods Metis forced the Cdn gvnt to create the Manitoba Act (1869, 1870) Indian Act (1876) - Encourage assimilation - Protect Natives Those who wanted to develop the land and get rid of the Aboriginal and BC lobbies the govt - 1850s: scientific expeditions - Find info on Plains people - Descriptions of agricultural potential, coal, mineral deposits, transportation routes Led to buying of HBC in 1863 - Negotiation b/w HBC and Canda - Land grant compensation for low price cash - Outraged Aboriginal residents Rupert’s Land Acts of 1868 - Company not liable for any claims of Indians to compensation for lands required for purposes of settlement - Natives not consulted HBC started looking into Metis interests after Sayer trial Upper Cdns settling didn’t Dr. John Christian Schultz (Canadian Party leader) encouraged divisions b/w Metis 1869 Metis of Red River decided to block the unconditional transfer of Rupert’s Land to Canada - Louis Riel and others informed Cdn land-survey crew that they had no authority - October: prevented lieutenant governor-designate from entering - Seized HBC’s Fort Garry Jan 19, 1870: meeting between Sir John A Macdonald and Red River colony - elect 20 reps to a committee - List of Rights was drawn up - Provision govt also created with Riel as president (Feb 10, 1870) - Riel dispatched three envoys to Ottawa to submit revised terms list o Demanded Manitoba b
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