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GPHY 227

1 GPHY 2272013Cities Geography Planning and Urban LifeClass NotesMonday September 9 2013 Week 1 Lecture 1Course Outline Introduction Origins and interUrban context Urban structure and models Living in the city Governing the city Course reviewTerm Paper Proposal 10 What s your topic and key question Explain the context why is it important Explain geography of what you propose to study Where is it happening Explain how you will research the question Identify at least 4 academic sources 1 page single spaced Times New Roman 120 font Term papers will not be accepted without proposal Key Datesth Sept 9 First classth Sept 30 Proposal due 10st October 21 Mid term exam 20th November 7 Guest Lectureth November 18 Course Essay Due 30st November 21 Guest Lecture nd December 2 Last class and course review thThursday September 12 2013Why study cities In 2000 for the first time a majority of the worlds population live in cities Unprecedented rates of urbanization are now occurring Globalization has enhanced the role and power of selected citiesWhy study urban geography Helps explain the distribution of towns and cities and the similarities and differences between them2 GPHY 2272013Cities Geography Planning and Urban LifeClass NotesCities have common characteristics Cities are fundamentally shaped by a host of factors economic technological social demographic cultural environmental and political forces You can approach urban geography from a global perspective A global perspective acknowledges the importance of macrostructural factors but also the relationships between global and locally contingent factorsWhy the global perspective is important Organization of the economy and things such a Fordism shaping cities and geography A global perspective facilitates a systematioc examination of global trigger factors underlying urban change and the relationship between global and local forces in the making of the cityGlobalization Glocalization understand a city by global flows and local contingent flows in that spaceSpatial scale cities are a physical space which can be defined by density size distant direction although everything that happens in that physical space isnt necessarily local Jurisdiction in Kingston the Federal government has a lot of control of the special scalehealthcare military prisons etc Local and historical contingency Saskia Sassen 1996 Cities are the locations where much of the work of globalization gets done o 7 MAJOR TRIGGER FACOTRSEconomy Technology Demography Politics how cities are governed Society Culture The environmentWhat is a city Or defining the urban Population size Economic baseentity Administrative criteria Functional definitions how they are organized around conservation areas forests water flows Oak Ridges Moraine etc Straining development 3 GPHY 2272013Cities Geography Planning and Urban LifeClass NotesAn organic and cultural aspect Does a city need to have some kind of governance structure to be a city Commuter patterns daily trip origins Define a city by its traffic flows The city as a Quality Cognitive mapping idea that we see things or have mental maps of how we see the city Way of life as imagination Space and Place Place is a unique and special location in space Pacione 2009 p22 The dimensions of spacesize density direction territory and locationexpert powerful influences on urban development and on human interaction Pacione 2009 p23Views of a city Utopia romanticizedDystopia City is the worst manifestation dirty political tensions class extenuated Concepts and theories in urban geography The scope in urban geography Defining the Urban Urban as an entity Urban as a quality A brief history of the discipline p2433Theory Praxis approach is common in urban geography Levels of analysis are also common The neighborhood The city The region The national system of cities The world system cities Theoretical Perspectives through Time Enviornmentalism Positivism Behaviorism Humanism Managerialism Structuralism Postmoderism Transnationinalism Postcolonialism
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