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GPHY 101 Quiz: Term Test 1Premium

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GPHY 101
Anne M C Godlewska
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Queen's University
GPHY 101
Human Geography
Fall 2017
Term Test 1
Professor: Godlewska, Anne Marie Claire
Exam Guide

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Theme 1: Place
Public Space
Don Mitchel
o Argues that the only truly public space is a place that has been fought by the
public, for the public
o Public space must be made
o It has to be fought for and won, repeatedly
Public Urban Space: traced back to western academics to ancient Greece to the agora
o Agora: central meeting place (meet with friends and market place) in every city
People’s Park
o The people who lived in South Campus at Berkley believed that this space was
o 1967 the city purchased the campus and tore down the buildings and left it a
o May 15 6,000 protestors massed and marched down the avenue
Violence occurred
Ronald Reagan made protesting illegal
o The area became a parking lot - then was destroyed
o In 1980 it became an area for homes less people
o University decided to build residents on the people’s park area for the students
o Homelessness in American Cities
Students noticed the increase of homelessness in the areas
Students opened up soup kitchens and donation clinics
o 1989- The university announced new plans for the park to turn into volleyball
courts even thought there were still homeless people were still living there
o A riot broke out which lasted 3 days
o The volleyball courts were built

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The courts were not used
Homeless returned
The Importance of Taking Space
o To make social concerns, public concerns
o To achieve something socially important
o To make them in your face and not to be read about
Location, Space, and Place
o Characteristics of spirit of a culture, era and community
o Locations and position is all about where a person is In India, Toronto etc
o Is all about coordinates, x. y z
o Anything that can be reduced to coordinates - Use the word location when
referring to coordinates
o Imply the whelm of atemporal physical extension
A physical extension without time
Does not exist except through thought or imagination
The great emptiness you feel towards someone who is close to you is
often referred to as a big space (not empty space)
The space of an empty box is not empty- filled with air and molecules
o Rule or extension
o A glass of water contains water
o Living Space
WW2 common saying of “I need my space”
Powerful political confrontations
o Edward Casey: The Fate of Place
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