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Global Development Studies
DEVS 100
Richard Day

DEVS100 - Final Exam Second Semester Lectures Notes Blue = Important discourses/concepts Red = Important people WEEK 5 - Canadian Corps Abroad (Capitalism and its Others) Why Might One Be (Anti) Capital? 1. It developed mechanized production --> at the cost of destroying the land and making it impossible to breathe or drink or eat in a healthy way - It co-ordinates human labour --> at the cost of unprecedented alienation, depression, drug use, and mental illness - It produces more ‘stuff’ than ever before --> at the cost of poorer quality ‘stuff’ than ever before, all being dumped into landfills in a few months or years 2. It created a global market --> at the cost of it now being almost impossible to escape the market - It created complex interdependencies --> at the cost of therefore having complex instabilities and constant crises - It created instantaneous connection --> at the cost of there now being constant surveillance - It created nearly instantaneous travel --> at the cost of this only being available for the global elites and created crazy pollution 3. It solved the problems? --> at the cost of only looking at profit for owners in the short term - It allowed for allocation of resources and products --> at the cost of creating/intensifying class- based, racialized, patriarchal, and
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