DEVS 100 Study Guide - Final Guide: Tied Aid, To Anyone, Direct Democracy

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Published on 15 Apr 2013
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DEVS100 - Final Exam
Second Semester Lectures Notes
Blue = Important discourses/concepts
Red = Important people
WEEK 9 - Canadian Foreign Aid and Alternatives/Critics
Ian Smillie - Why Would Anyone Give ‘Aid To Anyone Else?
-Altruistic motives: poverty reduction, democratization, no country left behind etc.
-Self-interested motives: tied aid, prestige, displacing other political ideologies, fighting
terrorism, opening up markets
-Branding and public diplomacy determine which motives are highlights in a given situation
Hugo Chavez - Today’s South American Populism
-21st century socialism
-direct democracy based on social movements and neighborhoods
-nationalization instead of privatization
-use oil revenues to reduce poverty at home and fight US/Canadian/Euro hegemony globally
-provide aid to other countries, including USA
-although imperfect, these head of state are helping to make progress (movement away from
the dominant order) on a number of axes