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GNDS125 Exam Terms

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Gender Studies
GNDS 120
Susan Wilcox

Feminist ApproachDisrupting to allow space for changeMore ethicalWe are accountableHegemonyUnthinking acceptance of subordinationDominance of one group over anotherMaintains order in a society by giving other groups identities and rolesOppression o One social group exploits another social group for their own benefitGenderAn identityUsed for organizationSocially constructed recreated out of human interactionNo idea way to be a man or a womanHegemonic Masculinity o Multiple forms of masculinity compete for status o Related to HomophobiaSex gender binary o Separating sex from genderFalse binary o Two cannot be separated in real lifeTwo genders are not enoughGender is a social division rather than a differenceGender is a performanceNot fixed or stableSite of agency as well as inequalityMultiplicity of gender rather than gender binarySexualityAn orientation describing a gendered pattern of attachment to othersIdentity arising from those patternsRelates to sexual behaviour pleasures and reproductive practicesContinuum variety rangeHeterosexualityo Attraction to the opposite sex Queer theory
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