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Study Guides for GNDS 125 at Queen's University

Gender, Race and Popular Culture

Exam Study Guides for GNDS 125

Covers all exam topics.

GNDS 125 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Androcentrism, Genderqueer

Genders Quiz Mason Berg 1. Sex: Sex are the apparent biological features on ones body. Genetic interplay of hormones, chromosomes, and environment define your sex generally by the genitals one has. Sex is assigned at birth...

Gender Studies
GNDS 125
Habibe Burcu Baba
GNDS 125 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Laverne Cox, Liz Lemon, Gilmore Girls

GNDS 120 Quiz 2 Mason Berg 1. Heteronormativity: Heteronormativity is the act of promoting heterosexuality as the normal and preferred orientation in the world. Examples of heteronormativity are everywhere, but especially ...

Gender Studies
GNDS 125
Habibe Burcu Baba
[GNDS 125] - Midterm Exam Guide - Ultimate 22 pages long Study Guide!

[GNDS 125] Comprehensive Midterm Exam guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at Week 2 Lecture – January 12  Office Hours  Wednesdays 2...

Gender Studies
GNDS 125
Scott Morgensen
GNDS 125 Study Guide - Final Guide: Conspicuous Consumption, Omen, Polyamory

Unit 1: Feminism and Popular Culture Popular Culture: As Milestone and Meyer (2012:2) suggest, establishing a precise definition of popular culture can be tricky. We can start with the idea that popular culture has to do w...

Gender Studies
GNDS 125
Melissa Houghtaling
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