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GNDS 125 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Laverne Cox, Liz Lemon, Gilmore Girls

Gender Studies
Course Code
GNDS 125
Habibe Burcu Baba
Study Guide

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GNDS 120 Quiz 2
Mason Berg
1. Heteronormativity: Heteronormativity is the act of promoting heterosexuality as the
normal and preferred orientation in the world. Examples of heteronormativity are
everywhere, but especially in older shows, such as Gilmore Girls, where, because there
are no gay characters, make jokes at gay people’s expense, showing that they thought
being gay is something different and worse than being straight.
2. Transphobia: Transphobia is the “fear”, lack of understanding, and intense dislike of
people who are transitioning or have transitioned in the past, due to personal feelings
about other people’s genitals. Since that matters so much to people, it is one of the
questions that famous trans folk (the few that there are) get asked. During an interview
with Laverne Cox, Katie Couric asked her about surgeries she had, her genitals, and lots
of other questions you would never ask anyone unless they were trans.
3. Double Standard: The double standard refers to the different principles men and women
have when approaching sex, and is unfairly applied in different ways. Because it’s a
social construct and issue, there are classic power structures that take part in the
construction of the double standard, this allows men to be “Studs” and “sick” and “get
laid”, whereas girls are constantly shaming themselves and others for sleeping with one
or two men. In an episode of 30 Rock, Liz Lemon says “No I will not calm down.
Women are allowed to get angrier than men about double standards.” Though this is an
obvious double standard, it uses satire to point out the truth.
4. Biphobia: Biphobia is the idea that people that like men and women are not actually able
to like both, and are lying about their sexuality. It categorizes people into “Gay” or
“straight” with no regard for the fact that there are other sexualities. In the show Grown-
ish, there is an openly bi character who people assume is straight, or a lesbian. There can
be no in between, and because of this she gets angry and tells them to “respect the B.”
5. Hypersexualization: Hypersexualization is the act of sexualizing someone in excess.
Many black men experience this as many people believe that black men are incredibly
violent sexual beings, i.e. rapists, gang bangers, and that is how they are then portrayed in
the media. In turn, it then promotes an incredibly unhealthy sexualization and
representation of black men and boys in the media, and can promote these behaviours in
younger generations that watch the sexualization unfold.
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