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Gender Studies
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GNDS 215

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1 GNDS 215:2013 Gender Studies: Sexual and Gender Diversity Monday, September 9, 2013 Contact Information Email: [email protected] Make sure “GNDS 215” is in all subject lines Office: D509 Mac Corry Office Hours: Wed: 10:00-12:00 or by appointment Course Description Sexual and Gender Diversity - Classical and contemporary theories on sex, gender and sexuality - The continuum of sexual and gender identities - Intersections with race, class, age and (dis)ability - Strategies to social change Objectives - Discuss how sex gender and sexual diversity have been theorized - Understand and appreciate diverse gender and sexual identities, practices and experiences - Articulate - Engage - Develop - Reflect on experiences, situations and strategies for social change “SEX” Course Evaluation - Final Paper (8 page literature review): 35% - Critical Response 1 (3-4 pages): 15% - Critical Response 2 (4-5 pages): 20% - Tutorial Work and Participation: 20% - Reflection Paper 1&2 (2 pages): 5% Course Topics 1. Theorizing Sex, Gender and Sexual Diversity 2. Power/Knowledge 3. Diverse Bodies, Diverse Practices 4. Debates in the Field 5. Strategies Towards Social Change 2 GNDS 215:2013 Gender Studies: Sexual and Gender Diversity Course Schedule Week Date Topic Assignment Due 2 September 16 th Sex rd 3 September 23 Gender September 27 th(Friday) Reflection Paper 1 Due th 4 September 30 Sexuality 5 October 7th Medical and Scientific Discourses October 11th Critical Response 1 due October 14th Thanksgiving-no 6 class 7 October 21st Racism, Sexism, Heterosexism, Nation th 8 October 28 Diverse Bodies November 1 st(Friday) Reflection Paper 2 Due th 9 November 4 Diverse Practices 10 November 11 th Feminist Debates on Prostitution November 15 th (Friday) Critical Response 2 Due 11 November 18 th Social Change 12 November 25 th Social Justice, Social Change December 9 th(Monday) Final Paper Due Monday, September 16 , 2013h Week Two: Theorizing Sex Diversity Reflection Paper#1 Questions on moodle, 2 pages, locate you in the paper, due Sept. 27 th Tools of the Sociological trade: 1. Seeing the General in the particular - Human behaviour is not as individualistic as we think - Examining trends and patterns of human behaviour - Individual behaviours are socially influence  Examine patterns and trends 2. Seeing the Strange in Familiar - Things are not as they seem. Be critical of what’s “common sense” - Things are not as they seem 3 GNDS 215:2013 Gender Studies: Sexual and Gender Diversity - The things we don’t question are the things we are most familiar with but are the things that should be questioned - Social institutions guide peoples thoughts - How individual are individual thoughts and choices - Ex. Why do traditions carry on? Shape our particular life experiences Category: women - One is not born, but becomes a women (DeBouvoir) - Gendered colours - Guides on becoming a women (magazines) - Socialization How is Sex socially constructed? Sex: biological. Sex cells, chromosomes, anatomy etc. Male and Female Sex: also an act (“To have sex”) but what does that mean or entail? Sex Diversity: beyond conceptions of sex as simply Male/Female - Intersex (combination of sexes) (hermaphrodite) - Trans sex (transsexual and transgender) Sex as a social construction Gender: social: Thought of in terms of performing or doing gender. Presumably linked to sex (males  men, Females  women) Gender is a fluid concept Gender Diversity: Beyond men and women, Transgendered, gender-queer, cross- dressing, androgynous, butch, femme Sexuality: Feelings, experiences, identities, orientations, practices, and desires relating to sexual personhood and sexual being Sexual diversity: beyond heterosexual/homosexual, Queer, non-monogamous and polyamory, asexuality, BDSM and kink etc. Sexual orientation and sexual desires are socially constructed according to culturally accepted matters Diversity: examining how sex, gender, and sexuality exist and are experienced in diverse ways Different identities and social locations contribute to diverse experiences of gender and sexuality 4 GNDS 215:2013 Gender Studies: Sexual and Gender Diversity Positionality: Ones social identity position or location (age, race, sex, gender, sexuality, religious beliefs, political position, ability, etc.) Privilege: Systematic access to valued cultural and institutional resources that are typically denied to others based on social status, (Privilege is often unmarked) Critical Theories: are a set of theoiries whose inquiry is aimed at decreasing domination and increasing freedom and equality. Investigate how various forms of power create and reinforce privilege and oppression in society Be critical of the status quo Queer Theory Poststructuralist Feminist Theory - All critical theories Transsexual: One gender does not feel as if the gender they have been assigned does not
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