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Queen's University
HIST 121
Richard Bailey

HIST121 Review Session Politics, Society, Ethics & Religion, Science, Philosophy  Longitude questions, (ancient world) extend it far back to the current scientific – 18 century  Don’t focus on one period in questions, try to extend time periods  Know: Thomas Aquinas (portion on politics) – Christian Monarch Politics Society Ethics Plato – Aristocracy (educated) - favors the ‘guardian class’ to rule  The whole of the republic is about the training of the philosopher rulers – Guardians protect, rulers enforce  “Managerial Meritocracy”  Fear of monarchy, like Aristotle Aristotle  Polity+ Aristrocy “Mixed Government” is the greatest, containing elements of aristocracy, but also, largely ruled by middle class  Monarchy is the most mildly abusive form of government  Majority – is mostly poor, therefore a democracy would be a rule of the poor for the poor Machiavelli  Monarchy, Aristocracy, and Polity  Weary of democracy  Mixed government is introduced officially Luther- Aristocracy Rules  Everyone has their role – shoe makes shoes ,and leave the ones to rule  Address of nobility- in his 3 walls Difference between Aristocracy and Oligarchy: Oligarchy – rule of the rich for the sake of the rich, whereas aristocracy is a rule by a few elite members of society Reformation: Peasants rebel (in Luther’s name), Luther calls to shut them down. Luther does that because they were unfit to rule, and they were acting out of their calling. Peasants calling – farming. Even if they have a perfectly fit cause, and has a perfectly fit cause, Luther would still disagree with it. Aristotle – Not an empiricist, attempts to do a mix of empiricism and rationalism  The form is in the thing  Plato is a rationalist (pure abstraction, what is most real for Plato, line analogy- what is above the line of sensory perception) Religion Science Philosophy Empiricism Rationalism
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