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HIST 246 Final: Review Session for the Soviet Experiment

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HIST 246
Rebecca Manley

Part three of the exam might be preMidterm, one image will be exclusively post midterm, the other might not be, part four might include some information pre midterm Everything on the syllabus (primary sources) those might be used, could jog your memory, comparative image analysis, some of the questions will allow you to draw on those materials. Use textbook have aid in the IDs for studying Do need to say when, try to be as specific as you can, try to get it in the right decade and correct start and end point, for example the Gulag Stalin Era, 1930s to 1950s gets renamed and shrinks For the who cares? lecture will be the best guide, the professor talked about these things for a reason, use the reasons discussed in classthink broadly to aid in the answers, two points for this piece, when one point, who point, what could be two points as well. For the people; when do they become the leader, background, why is heshe significant Zoya Women went to the extreme as she did, encouragement women got in the early soviet period, she was a partisan, who is killed by the Germans under occupation, made hero in the soviet union after the war, happens in occupied territory, happens during WWII, the fact that she was a woman, what does that speak to soviet society, women taking active role in combat, dedication to Stalin and the motherland, dedication to the war effort. For Stalin, for the motherland allegedly, propaganda story. The Thaw Clear rethinking of the Stalin period, censorship is relaxed, destalinization The Doctors Plot precise year, right before Stalin dies, Stalin dies in 1953, Gulag Main Administration of Camps Refuseniks they were Jewish people who applied to leave the country and they were in a bind, if you applied to leave you immediately lose your job, you were stigmatized and you couldnt leave either, refused to leave but have declared their desire to leave, particularly Jews trying to go back to Israel, becomes a human rights movements and human rights as we perceive it now come out during this period, 1970s into the early 1980s Brezhnev era. Leave a couple lines between answers to add anything Part two requires you to use the fur hat, it is a short essay no intro or conclusion required, you will have a choice of two questions, has to draw on the fur hat and course material, very basic examples no need for literary analysis Examples from the book, do not need page numbers, or even exact names, just remember the heros first name
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