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HLTH 101 Study Guide - Final Guide: Michael Marmot, Limited Government, Free Trade

Health Studies
Course Code
HLTH 101
Elaine Power
Study Guide

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Be sure to know:
Allan G. Johnson
o Privilege, oppression, social inequalities
o Free trade no barriers, limited government spending,
Public health
o What is public health; historical roots; Canadian
contributions; population health approach; paternalism;
ideology; public health agency of Canada; social
determinants of health; WHO commission of the SDOH;
health inequalities.
Public health, smoking and social justice
What is health?
o Lay understandings, positive/negative definitions;
Aboriginal understandings
Geoffrey Rose (prevention paradox)
Poverty as a determinant of health (Sapolsky)
Income inequalities (Richard Wilkinson)
Whitehall (Michael Marmot)
Guaranteed annual income and Mincome
Social justice vs. charity; how charity is complicated
Poverty as a determinant of health for children; Barker
Main ideas from the movies (see notes in PowerPoint slides
Food insecurity; food banks; charity
Right to food
Racism/white privilege
Aboriginal health
o Colonialism; residential schools; cultural stress; cultural
continuity; colonial trauma
Maquiladoras, how trade agreements affect health
Gladwell and theory of the Tipping Point
Global health
o Reasons for global health inequities; MDGs;
neoliberalism; key players
Paul Farmer and Partners In Health
Climate change and health
Peter Singer and our moral obligations (1% of annual income
to charitable organizations)
Go over guiding questions for articles
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