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HLTH 101 Final Exam Notes

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Health Studies
HLTH 101
Elaine Power

1 What is povertyo Absolute povertyConsidered minimum amount you need for food clothing shelter and others essentialso Relative poverty Feeling poor relative to those around you According to Hugh Segal o Poverty is in the beginning and in the end about not having enough money to live on withself respect dignity or hopeMarginalizationo Occurs when people are systematically excluded from meaningful participation in economic social political cultural and other forms of human activity in their communities and thus are denied the opportunity to fulfill themselves as human beings UNESCO Poverty Rates in Canadao Low income cut offo Almost 1 in 10 people are living in povertyo The state of the economy influences poverty trends as the economy goes down poverty goes up when there is strong economic growth poverty goes upPoverty rates for seniors are generally not effected by the economy The cost of povertyo Direct cost Social assistant o Indirect cost Homelessness shelter police ambulance emergency wardJustice system education health care o Societal costWasted potential lost tax dollars o Human costIndignity humiliation shame stigma guilt sufferingo Cost of Homelessness in Calgary13400yrEstimated cost of emergency shelter emergency hospital care law enforcement and other social services for one homeless person 3400 Estimated cost to provide supportive housing for one person Basic Income or BI James Mulvaleo Financial benefit that is universal unconditional and adequate to ensure a decent life o Aka Guaranteed Annual Income GIA negative income taxo Benefits of BI Recognitions of unpaid labour domestic volunteerMore flexible labour force more choice end of exploitationPromoted economic independence for women Simplifies that income security system more deficiencies saving Enhances consumer purchasing power stimulating the economy Enhances democracy political empowerment and equality of opportunity promotes dignity of all Acts as a force for social cohesion Canadian unity2 Removed stigma and punitive aspects of income support programs Potential to end poverty and limit marginalization decreased cost in health care criminal justice education child welfare system human sufferingo Potential downsides of a BI Reinforced traditional gender rolesLoss of income if benefit is inadequate Loss of labour force attachment and nonmonetary benefits Downward pressures on wages Resistanceo Vested interesto Ideological opposition role of the state role of paid labour work ethic ingrained stereotypes of people who are pooro Upfront expenses Mincome Experiment o 19741978 Dauphin MB o Federalprovincial experiment context of the US War on poverty Medicare expansion of the welfare state o Originally interested in effects on employment and divorce o Important effects on Educations teens stay in schoolHealth injuries accidents down less hospitalization for mental illnessThe Implications of Early Childhood Development for Adult Health Outcomes UN Convention on the Rights of the Childo Human rights treaty setting out the civil political economic social health and cultural rights of children o Ratified by all members of the United Nations excepts the US and Somalia o Legally bindingo Many pertain to child heath and adequate living standardso Article 24 Health and health services Children have the right to good quality health care the best health care possible to safe drinking water nutritious food a clean and safe environment and information to help them stay healthy Rich countered should help poorer countries achieve thiso Article 26 Social security Children either through their guardians or directly have the right to help from the government if they are poor or in need o Article 27 Adequate Standard of Living Children have the right to a standard of living that is good enough to meet their physical and mental needs Government should help families and guardians who cannot afford to provide this particularly with regard to food clothing and housing How is Canada Doingo Higher poverty rates among Single parent femalesAboriginal people Immigrants Visible minorities How does poverty affect child health o More likely to have low birth weight asthma type 2 diabetes malnutritiono 25 x more likely to have a disability less likely to have medical and community supports
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