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Health 101 Midterm Review

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Queen's University
Health Studies
HLTH 101
Elaine Power

The Tipping Point Tipping point of crime rate decreasingAging populationEmploying more criminalsCONTAGIOUS BEHAVIOURPolice impacted small number of people in small situations whos behaviour spreadLittle changes big effects in a short period of timeEpidemicscontagious little changes have big effects happens in a dramatic moment rd 3 trait is most important permits the first two aspectsTipping pointone dramatic moment when everything can change all at onceThe Forest and the Trees Allan G JohnsonSociologythe study of individuals and society and how they are related to each otherIndividualismeffects social life by isolating us from one another promotes competition harder to sustain communityThis causes blame of social problems just on individuals and their flaws in personal characters drug problems are an individuals own faultIndividualistic answers are to raise people out of poverty or changing people one person at a timeIgnores people who participate in social life and relationships that connect each other to groups in societyA forest is a collection of trees that exist in a particular relation to one another and you cant look what that relation is by looking at each individual tree We are always participating in something larger than ourselves if we want to understand social life and what happens to people in it we have to understand what it is that were participating in and how we participate in itThe larger things we participate in are called social systems People participate in systems without being parts of the system themselvesWe choose how to participateWhat people do depends on the position they occupy in relation to the system and other people in itPeople are what make the system happenChoose the path of least resistance go along with the system so that peace is not disturbedWe cannot understand what goes on in social systems just by looking at individuals suicide is more than an individual problemIndividualism does not answer whyWe need to look at patternsBelonging to certain social categories shapes peoples experience as they participate in social life and how their participation limits the alternatives they can choose fromCannot generalize systems to basic individualsIf I participate in a racist society despite my race then I am involved in white privilege and oppression to people of colourPublic Health o Normative field of study o Concerned how things should be rather than how they actually are Normative disciplinesprofoundly moral
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