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Health Studies
HLTH 102
Melody Torcolacci

CFLs slide 7 Emit radio frequency radiation at levels that may interfere with various types of wireless technology Produce transients that contribute to poor power quality on electrical wiresThere is concern about electromagnetic inference EMI associated with intermediate frequencies IF IFs are biologically active and can have adverse health effects Not all CFLs are the same some generate more dirty electricity than other Teacher who taught in high units of dirty electricity had a 5fold increase risk of cancerTeachers who never taught I the classroom had a much lower ratio CFL bulbs generate almost 300 GS unites of dirty electricity clearly a house full of such bulbs could have serious health consequence Studies with diabetics and people who have MS repot and improvement in symptoms that coincide with improve power quality in homes German scientist claimed several carcinogenic chemicals and toxins were realized when CFLs were switched on including phenol naphthalene and styrenePhenol inhalation and dermal exposure highly irritation to the skin eyes mucous membranesNaphthalene main ingredient in moth balls damages red blood cells carcinogenStyrene carcinogenic It was found that CFL bulbs resulted in breast cancer rate were up to 22 high in women who slept with a light on compared to those who slept in total darkness Exposure to bluer shorter wavelength light for 2 hours in the late evening suppressed melatoninThe bluer light also made people more alert and increased their bod temperature and HP Approx 26 of the population is negatively impacted by CFLsHighest melatonin levels are at night light depresses production even if ones eyes are shutMedical IssuesNeurological Headaches dizziness nausea difficulty concentrating memory loss irritability depression anxiety insomnia fatigue weakness tremors muscle spasms numbness tingling altered reflexes muscle and joint paint legfoot pain flulike symptoms fever o More severe reactions can include seizures paralysis psychosis and strokeRespiratory Sinusitis bronchitis pneumonia and asthmaCardiac Palpitations arrhythmias pain or pressure in the chest low or high BP slow or fast HR shortness of breathDermatological Skin rash itching burning and facial flushingOphthalmologic Pain or burning in the eyes pressure inbehind the eyes deteriorating vision floaters and cataractsOthers Digestive problems abdominal pain enlarged thyroid testicularovarian pain dryness of lips tongue mouth eyes great thirst dehydration nosebleeds internal bleeding altered sugar metabolism immune abnormalities redistribution of metals within the body hair loss pain in the teeth deteriorating fillings impaired sense of smell ringing in the ears Affects on petsModern CLFs use an electronic ballast and convert to 25lHz which is outside human hearing range The ushaped bulb emitted at a fundamental frequency of 27 kHz and coiled type at 37 kHz Both has strong acoustic signals at the second harmonics and appreciable signals at the third harmonicsCLF vs LEDsLightemitting diode LED bulbs are much safer alternative LEDs are more environmentally friendly choice More expensive but 10x more energy efficient that incandescent and 3x more that CFLSLow intensity red lights contained up to 8x more under California law In general highintensity brighter bulbs had more contaminated that lower ones White bulbs had the least lead but contained high amounts of nickel Lead arsenic and many additional metals discovered in the bulbs have been linked in hundreds of studies to different cancers neurological damage kidney disease hypertension skin rashes and other illnesses The copper used in some LEDs also posses an ecological threat to fish rivers and lakes Risk are present in all parts of the lights and at every stage during production use and disposalPlastic slide 8Many chemicals in various plastics especially PVC can be harmful to children Phthalate used as plasticizers which serve to make the plastic more flexibleo Animal studies suggest that longterm exposure to phthalates can cause organ damage and other harmful effectso Have been associates with declining sperm counts increase in sexual deformities increase in testicular cancer and early puberty DEHPMany plastic items are made of PVC blended with plasticizers DEHP being the most frequently used Migrates at a constant rate from plastics to the environment It has been detected in water soil food and is considered as widespread environmental contaminant Highly lipophilic fat solubleWhen used in PVC it is loosely chemically bonded to the plastic and readily leached into blood or other lipidcontaining solutions in contact with the plastic The leaching of it into humans cia the solutions with which it is in contact increases the risk of certain adverse health outcomes Animal studies shoe that exposure to it can damage the liver kidneys lungs and reproductive system particularly the developing testes of prenatal and neonatal makes The exposure is very high in hospitals and one of its primary uses is in the medical industry it extends the shelf life of red blood cellso It can be found in the same things phthalates are found in these medical devices can contain 2040 DEHP by weighto IV tubing can contain u to 80 by weight The degree of DEHP leaching depends on the temperature the lipid content of he solution agitation of the solution and the duration of its contact with the plastic Exposure to it can cause skeletal cardiovascular eye male reproductive tract and neural tube defects intrauterine death increased postnatal death male and female infertility altered sexual differentiation of the male reproductive system Besides endocrine and reproductive dysfunction other effects of DEHP toxicity include abnormal platelet aggregation and possibly micro emboli small blood clots during cardiopulmonary bypass surgeryInfants and children absorb DEHP more easily than adults and the immature male reproductive tract is the most sensitive to DEHP toxicity
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