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Health Studies
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HLTH 230
Jeffery Lalonde

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Fitness 12/24/2012 6:41:00 AM Fitness  The characteristics that enable the body to… o Perform physical activity o Ability to meet routine physical demands o Have enough energy reserve to rise to a physical challenge o The body’s ability to withstand stress of all kinds  If you are fit o Joints are flexible o Muscles are strong o Body is lean with just enough fat o Endurance to do daily physical activities o Reserve energy to handle challenges o Prepared to meet mental and emotional challenges  Fitness o Dependant on a minimum amount of physical activity or exercise o Both involve  Bodily movement  Muscle contraction  Enhanced energy expenditure  Sedentary o Physically inactive o Become weak o Become unfit o Begin to feel unwell o Develop chronic diseases  Physical inactivity o Heart disease o Cancer o Stroke o Diabetes o Hypertension  40% of adults not regularly active  13% of adults completely inactive  Costs to health care system are in billions  Benefits of Fitness o Restful sleep  Tissue repair  Waste disposal  Building o Nutritional health  Expend energy, eat more food  Choose better choices, consume more nutrients  Fewer nutrient deficiencies o Improved body composition  Limits body fat  Increases or maintains lean tissue o Improved bone density  Prevent osteoporosis o Protection against disease  Moderate activity stimulates immune function  Low risk of colon cancer, breast cancer, and others o Strong circulation and lung function  Challenges heart and lungs  Strengthens the circulatory system o Low risk of cardiovascular disease  Lowers blood pressure  Slows resting pulse rate  Lowers blood cholesterol  Reduces risk of heart attacks and strokes  Reduce abdominal fat stores o Low risk of type 2 Diabetes  Normalizes glucose tolerance  Reduces risk and helps those with it o Reduced risk of gallbladder disease in women  Helps with weight control and lowers blood lipid level
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