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Health Studies
HLTH 230
Jeffery Lalonde

Major Minerals (7) Mineral Info and Roles Deficiency Toxicity Sources and Others Calcium -most abundant mineral in -stunts growth -constipation sources: milk, milk products, fish with bones, body! -bone loss -↑risk of urinary calcium-set tofu, greens and legumes -> osteoporosis stones and kidney -mineralization of bones/teeth dysfunction -muscle contraction -nerve function, blood clotting -interference with -Blood Pressure absorp. Phosphorus -2nd most abundant! sources: meat, milk, poultry, eggs (animals) -85% found combined w. Ca+ -diet adequate in protein generally adequate in -phosphoric acid - buffer phosphorus -part of DNA/RNA (growth) -necessary for activation of enzymes + B vitamins -phospholipids Potassium -major cation -electrolyte imbalance -not a result of sources: fresh fruits and vegetables -fluid and electrolyte balance -vomiting/diarrhea over eating certain -“whole foods” -cell integrity -diuretics, laxatives foods -Na+/K pump (heartbeat) -low K+ -> ↑blood pressure -> ↑heart beat, -from K+ -high K+ -> prevents/corrects hypertension muscular weakness, supplements + glucose intolerance salt substitutes Sulfur -occurs in essential nutrients -responsible for shaping proteins -> disulfide bonds -no recommendations for intake/toxicity -needs easily met with protein intake Major Minerals (7) Mineral Info and Roles Deficiency Toxicity Sources and Others Sodium -AI: 1500mg -from excess -high blood -salt (NaCl) has greater effect on BP than Na+ -UL:
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