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Health Studies
HLTH 230
Jeffery Lalonde

Trace Minerals (6) Mineral Info and Roles Deficiency Toxicity Sources Iron -switches between 2 states -most common deficiency!! hemochromatosis -red meat, fish, poultry, ferrous ++, ferric +++ -> iron absorption does shellfish, eggs, legumes, dried iron deficiency not decrease when not fruits -required to make a.a., -> depleted iron stores needed collagen, hormones, NT -grain products iron deficiency anemia symptoms: lethargy, -most of body’s iron found -> depleted stores + low HB fatigue, liver damage *iron supplements absorbed in 2 proteins -> blood cells are pale + small less than food hemoglobin, myoglobin (hypochromic + microcytic) -supplemental iron is in ferrous form (does not help -ferritin: iron storage symptoms: weakness, fatigue, absorption) protein poor resistance to cold -hemosiderin: excess iron pica: craving for non food substances (chalk, ice) Zinc -supports metalloenzymes -uncommon in developed -loss of appetite -red meat, shellfish, whole countries grains -essential to taste *Middle Eastern diets high in -deficiencies - copper perception and wound legumes, whole grains (hinder and iron healing zinc absorption) => stunts growth, dwarfism albumin: main transport vehicle in blood -poor wound healing -chronic deficiency damages has 2 absorption options CNS -retain for cell function -retain to later be released -alters taste, loss of appetite into blood Trace Minerals (6) Mineral Info and Roles Deficiency Toxicity Sources Copper -necessary for absorption -rare -generally from -legumes, whole grains, nuts, and use of iron -in animals, it raises cholesterol supplements seafood, seeds, water from and damages blood vessels copper pipes, hard water -may cause liver -elimination through bile Menkes disease: copper is damage absorbed but not released into circulation -Wilson’s disease: copper accumulates in brain and liver Manganese -found in bones, liver, -rare -most likely to occur if -plant foods, nuts, whole kidneys, pancreas -high intakes of iron and inhaled over time rains, leafy vegetables, tea -acts as a cofactor for many calcium can limit absorption (ex. miners)
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