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Health Studies
HLTH 237
Ron Shore

Focus on neurophysiology Addiction  Must be seen in context of mental health Zingberg  Drug, set , setting  How do people control their drug use? How do people not get addicted?  Understanding addiction Biological - drug  How is addiction biological  Pharamacology  Drugs affect brain and body  Physical side of addiction  Neurotransmitters o Drugs affect neurotransmitters  Brain has receptors o Plants have chemicals that are made for receptors  Physical effects of drug  Body breaks down drugs, metabolizes  How you take the drug o Smoking, ingesting  Different adminstrations have different effects  Physical dependence  Tolerance  Half life  Withdrawal o All bodily effects Sociological  Setting of drug  Adverse childhood experiences  Cultural values  Rituals and routines of drug use  Social sanctions that limit and restrict drug use  Social setting of use o Solidarity o Using drugs socially  Drug use has social meaning o Eg drinking brings people closer  Policy directed toward drug o Social sanctions o Limit and control use o Policy trying to change norms around drug use  Drug use as learned from peers and family  Social determinants of health o Poverty education housing  Trends of drug use change over time o Change because of needs of society change
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