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Queen's University
Health Studies
HLTH 350
Spencer Moore

Yo just so you know theres 3 versions of the exam so Id study other major concepts as wellMultiple Choice choose 10121Environmental health doesnt include which of the followingsocial factors2Types of migration of healthcare workersinternal international crossindustry3National treatmentno discrimination in taxes and regulations between domestic and foreign goods and services4What would or would not contribute to an increase in cancerall the options were obvious but all you have to know is that because were saving people from dying of infectious diseases cancer is increasing5A lot of the MC questions came from nutrition transition lectureasks something about stuntedunderweight children and if increasing agriculture would a increase obesity b decrease obesity or c stay the same in these children and I think its increasebecauseofthedouble burden conceptburden of underweight remains with vulnerable groups while burden of obesity shifts to those same groups6Asks something about this figure
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