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Study Guides for KNPE 167 at Queen's University

Socio-Cultural Dimensions of Sport and Physical Activity

KNPE 167 Study Guide - Final Guide: Collateral Damage, Chris Borland, Disabled Sports

KNPE 167 EXAM NOTES Week 1 -- Intro Purposes of sociology in sport:  Think critically about sport  Look beyond physical performance and scores to see as social construction  Learn and acquire a deeper...

KNPE 167
Matt Ventresca
KNPE 167 Study Guide - Final Guide: Low Culture, Reality Television, High Culture

Sport Sociology Exam Week 1 Introduction to the Course What is Sport? Sport in Society Has the power to change the world oUnite people oMore powerful than governments oLaughs in the face of all types of discrimination oNel...

KNPE 167
Matt Ventresca
Sport Soc..docx

• Two definitions of sport: o Traditional­physical competitive institutionalized  contested activities o Alternative­adopted definitions used by people themselves • Sports are contested activities b/c th...

KNPE 167
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