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KNPE 255- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 36 pages long!)

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KNPE 255
Robert Ross

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[KNPE 255] Comprehensive spring guide including any lecture notes, textbook notes and exam guides.find more resources at Week 2 Lecture 3: Robert Ross et al. Importance of Assessing Cardiorespiratory Fitness in Clinical Practice BOB ROSS - Low levels of CRF associated with high risk of CVD, all-cause mortality, and mortality rates for certain cancers - CRF may be stronger predictor of mortality than smoking, hypertension, high cholesterol, and T2D but not currently included in risk assessments - Addition of CRF improves reclassification of risk for adverse outcomes - CRF: ability to transport O2 to mito to perform physical work so it is functional capacity of person and Reflects body health o Half of variance in CRF due to heritable factors and their contribution to response of CRF to PA is also half o Measured directly with VO2 max or VO2 peak - Age adjusted all-cause death rate decreases from low to moderate to high CRF in both sexes Overview of CRF and Health Outcomes: - CRF strong and independent marker of risk for CVD and All-cause mortality - CRF stronger predictor of risk than other exercise test variables - Each 1-MET higher CRF associated with sig. improvement in survival - Strength of exercise capacity in predicting risk of mortality greater in F than M Association BW CRF and Health Outcomes: - Association bw CRF and health outcomes addressed in multiple populations - Largest gains in survival noted when comparing lowest to next lowest CRF groups (health benefits most noticeable at low end of CRF continuum) - CRF has strong inverse association with incidence of all-cause mortality with lesser improvements in health outcomes from moderate to high fitness groups - High CRF levels not required to have sig. health benefits (< 5 METS = high risk) (>8-10 METS has health protection) - CRF can be used as preoperative predictor of surgical risk may because fitter patients can cope with aerobic and myocardial demands caused by surgery - Higher midlife CRF associated with lower risk of HF hospitalization in later life - Strong inverse dose-response association between time spent walking and risk of stroke independent of intensity and established/novel risk factors Reclassification of CV Risk: - Net reclassification improvement (NRI): indicates whether addition of biomarker correctly and significantly alters risk classification (net change in risk bw those who do and do not experience the event) - Addition of CRF to risk scores improves risk predication and reclassification of risk for adverse health outcomes beyond traditional scores o Not included though because lack of evidence from RCTs - Serial measures of CRF help with risk stratification because people whose CRF increases between exams have lower risk than those whose CRF decreases find more resources at
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