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MUSC 171 midterm notes.docx

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MUSC 171
Kip Pegley

MUSC 171 MIDTERM NOTES GENERAL MUSICAL TERMS Rhythm steady beatpulse turned into diff Volume dynamics loudnesssoftness of a patterns have diff accents sound voice percussion does not have pitch Measure pattern of strong and weak beats Chord 3 or more notes played at same time separated by bar line 44 how many beats in Tempo fastness slowness of a piece measurewhat duration gets the beat Bridge bridges sections shorter diff soundingSyncopation displacing anticipated accents Chorus same throughout musiclyrics Timbre texture of a sound voice fullthin Verse same music different lyrics Pitch highness lowness of a sound voice Intro begins piece usually instrumentalTIN PAN ALLEY TechnologyEvolution Platformstrd13 Cylinder first surface of musicLouis Glassfather of the Juke BoxThomas Edison invented cylinder John Philip Sousa wrote marches lined w tinfoil 1877 th4nd2 Emilie Berliner flat disc coated in waxA Graham Bellreplaced tinfoil wMade negatives so he could have wax better sound copies stampers records Acoustic recording cranked so no power Tin Pan Alley Tinny sounds of the piano1 Block in NYC 2 18901950 people getting together to write music 3 Sheet music major thus people could do it themselves 4 Style of song melodramatic ballads and comic novelty songsVaudeville show o Precursor to musicalo Used TPA music in shows o Theatrical variety entertainment
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