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NURS 101 Midterm: NURS101-Midterm-Questions

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NURS 101
Cheryl Pulling

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NURS101 Midterm questions • Citations (which one is right) • Values of School of Nursing o Fairness o Trust o Honesty o Respect o Responsibility • Something about Queen’s Interprofessional relations (a,b,c,d which one is not written) • Scholarly journals and other magazines (description) o Sensational Periodicals ▪ Often use newspaper format ▪ Contain startling photographs and advertising ▪ Rarely cite sources of information ▪ Articles written by free-lance writers ▪ Purpose is to arouse curiosity and interest of the general public ▪ Language is elementary, inflammatory and/or sensational o Popular Magazines ▪ Slick and glossy with an attractive format ▪ Contain many photographs/illustrations and extensive advertising ▪ Rarely provide footnotes and/or bibliography ▪ Articles are written by free-lance writer (often) ▪ Have short articles, written in simple language with little depth ▪ Try to entertain and inform the general public ▪ Published by commercial enterprises for profit o General Interest Magazine ▪ Attractive layout, heavily illustrate with photographs ▪ Gives you general information to a broad audience ▪ Written by a member of the editorial staff or by a free-lance writer ▪ Language is geared towards an educated audience, no subject expertise assumed ▪ Sources sometimes cited but usually there are no footnotes or bibliography ▪ Contains some advertising and published for profit o Trade Publications ▪ Written by experts for experts ▪ Provide news, product information, advertising and trade article to people in a particular industry or profession ▪ Articles use specialized jargon of the discipline ▪ Similar in nature to popular magazines in the use of graphics and photos ▪ Published through a professional association o Scholarly Journals ▪ Have charts and graphs but few glossy pictures ▪ Contains selective advertisement ▪ Written by a scholar in the field, discipline or specialty ▪ Discuss original research or
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