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NURS 101 Midterm: Nursing-midterm-questions

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NURS 101
Cheryl Pulling
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NURS101 Midterm questions
Citations (which one is right)
Values of school of nursing
“oethig aout Quee’s iterprofessioal relatios a,,,d hih oe is ot
Scholarly journals and other magazines (description)
Easy vocabulary (answer is general interest magazine I think)
Which sentence shows clarification
Patient confides in you that he wants to commit suicide. Who do you tell?
Patiet is’t eatig, hat should you do?
Patient says that nurses are too loud at night, who do you tell?
First thing you should say to a pt from a mental hospital (should be hi and
introduce yourself as a student)
To olleagues are disussig soethig they should’t, hat should you do?
(Tell them to go into a private room)
Pt who has been diagnosed with cancer is crying and holding his incision, what
do you do?
What do you do with a patient ho does’t speak Eglish ell?
Pt has been tested positive for HIV, what should you do?
Perso oes i sayig that she is the pt’s physiia ad shos you her drier’s
licese. What do you do? Tell her she does’t hae proper idetifiatio
Which shows proper confidentiality? (Having pt identifying information behind
desk for only staff members)
Pt is orried aout aer ad ho it ill affet his faily ad you say, “o you
are orried that it ill affet your daily ors. Is this restateet, alidatio,
paraphrasing, or something else I forget)
Fello studet itrodues herself to patiet ad says, Hi, I’ a urse ad I’ll e
giig your eds. What should you tell her? (Either to tell her first name or to
say she’s a studet urse istead of a urse P87
Whih searh ould yield to the ost results? A ursig hoe  Nursig
hoe? this kid of stuff just look at searhes
What should you search for vaccinations? A) vacc? B) vaccine? C) vaccination? D)
vaccinat? (vaccination USE immunization)
What is true aout plagiaris? Makig other peoples’ ork look like yours
What is true about helping relationships?
You see a pt walking and crying down the halls. What do you do?
Perso does’t speak Eglish, ho should you hage your ouiatio?
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find more resources at
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