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NURS 101 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Hearing Loss

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NURS 101
Cheryl Pulling
Study Guide

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Interview #1: Role: Peer Observer
For the first interview, I was observing Lipu behind the one way mirror. I was not chosen
as the non-verbal observer, so I was able to listen in during the interview. This was Lipu’s first
interview. At first, judging from her body language and voice, it was clear that she was nervous.
However, as the interview went on, she got more comfortable and was engaged in the
conversation with the patient. Lipu was able to introduce herself and explained to the patient that
everything that they talk about during the interview will be kept confidential. During the
interview, I noticed that Lipu did a good job of maintaining eye contact while nodding and
actively listened to the patient. On the other hand, on some occasions, I feel that the focus of the
interview was shifted away from the patient to the interviewer. I noticed that Lipu was disclosing
a little too much information about herself and her own experience. I would suggest that Lipu
can direct the questions back to the patient which will allow the patient to answer and talk more
about the patient’s health concerns. Furthermore, I also found that there were little to no
transitions used between the questions, and often, the flow of the conversation would be abruptly
interrupted with unrelated questions. Lastly, Lipu should be aware of the time limit of the
interview and make sure to leave herself enough time to summarize and allow the patient to ask
some questions that they might have. At the end of the interview, the patient told the facilitator,
Brandon, that she actually had trouble understanding Lipu and had to ask her to repeat multiple
times due to her hearing impairment. I would suggest that for the older patients, Lipu could
speak slower and louder so the patients can understand clearly what is being asked. Overall, I
feel that there are definitely room for improvement but since this is Lipu’s first interview, her
performance was expected.
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