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NURS 101 Quiz: Week 2 Interview

2 pages118 viewsFall 2016

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NURS 101
Cheryl Pulling
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NURS101, Section 3
Interview #1 Role: Peer Observer
For the first interview, Brandon was the interviewer. Brandon introduced himself to the
first volunteer and explained perfectly what the interview was for and addressed confidentiality.
Throughout the interview, Brandon actively engaged in the conversation with the volunteer and
was responding to the volunteer appropriately. Furthermore, Brandon maintained eye contact,
smiled when needed, and showed cared when talking about sensitive topics. The most notable
communication skill that Brandon displayed was his use of smooth transitions between topics.
Also, Brandon used both closed and open ended questions to keep the conversation going and to
keep the volunteer interested. Even though Brandon seemed a little nervous, he was able to make
the volunteer feel comfortable sharing her stories and talk about anything she wanted. Although
Brandon did not ask about her health concerns, the goal of this interview was achieved because
Brandon was able to receive some feedback from the volunteer patient regarding his
interviewing skills. The volunteer mentioned that Brandon gave her enough time to think and
answer any questions that were asked. Also, she enjoyed chatting with Brandon. Lastly,
impressively, Brandon was able to check the time without any of us noticing and concluded the
interview at exactly fifteen minutes after providing a good summary and asked for any questions
or comments that the volunteer might have had.
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