PHAR 100 Sample Exam Questions

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Pharmacology and Toxicology
PHAR 100
Bill Racz

PHAR100SINTRODUCTORY PHARMACOLOGYSample Examination QuestionsEach of the questions or incomplete statements below isfollowed by several suggested answers or completionsSelect the one that is best in each case1Which one of the following statements is CORRECTAOpium was used as a drug as early as 380 BCBAlexander Fleming is credited with the discovery of strepromycinCSerturner isolated ergot from the opium poppyDCurare is used as an analgesicEMorton is credited as the father of chemotherapy2Which one of the following advertising techniques is considered to be the most importantin advertising a new drugAThe advertising material should offer a solution for a problemBThe advertisement should catch the attention of the readerCThe advertising material should use the before and after techniqueDThe drug should be acclaimed by authority figuresEThe advertisement should include an element of fear3A phase 3 drug trial is best described asAStudies of the longterm effects of the drug after it is marketedBA shortterm study to determine the effectiveness of the drug in a limited numberof peopleCTesting the drug in a large number of people to determine safety and efficacyDStudies in healthy volunteers to determine potential toxicities EStudies of the dose to be used in the longterm studies4The route of drug administration with the most rapid onset of action isAOralBIntramuscularCSubcutaneousDTransdermalEIntravenous
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