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Deborah Knight

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Philosophy111A Midyear Review Questions ( /88) Euthyphro and Apology ( /22) 1. Define piety (1) 2. What is Socrates charged with? (2) 3. What’s “lyceum” {1} 4. What are Euthyphro’s 2 definitions of piety? (2) 5. What is it called when two solutions/outcomes are equally undesirable? (1) 6. What’s the interesting parallel between Socrates and Euthyphro’s situations? (1) 7. Define “sophist” and name a sophist from Republic. (2) 8. What does “Apology” mean in the context of the text? (1) 9. What is the pledge Socrates makes at the beginning, and what are the implications? (2) 10. What is so ironic about Socrates’ impiety charge? (1) 11. Explain Socrates’ reasons for not being guilty of corrupting the youth? (2) 12. Explain why Socrates does not fear death. (3) 13. What is a gadfly? (1) 14. Why does Socrates think he got the death sentence and what is the appropriate conduct according to him? (1) 15. What is Socrates’ final wish? (1) Marcus Aurelius: Meditations ( /27) 1. Define Normos and physis. (2) 2. What’s the difference between the cynics’ and the stoics’ (Zeno) view on the relationship between normos and physis? (2) 3. Give an example of a syllogism. (1) 4. What’s the difference between the stoics’ view and the Platonic view of reality? (2) 5. The principle that governs the cosmos and human reasoning is called: (1) 6. What’s the link/faculty that links God and humans? (1) 7. Define apatheia and explain why one needs it. (2) 8. Is one supposed to suppress all emotions? Explain. (2) 9. Compare and contrast one stoic and one Socratic analogy between the micro and the macro. (1) 10. What’s the aim/primary concern of stoicism? (1) 11. Whyis Meditations” misleading as a title and what alternative does Gregory Hays suggest? (2) 12. Explain the central stoic ideas in the following two passages: (10) a) b) Descartes: Meditations on First Philosophy ( /39) 1. What is the full title of Meditations (and the subtitle)? (1) 2. What is the name of Descartes’ methodology? (1) 3. Define rationalism. (1) 4. Who does the “I” refer to? (1) 5. Explain why Descartes is challenged with the proof of the existence of God? (1) 6. Descartes thinks the foundation of knowledge is? (1) 7. Descartes thinks that foundation of knowledge derives from experience. True or false? (1) 8. What’s the significance of co-meditation? (1) 9. Is the nature of Meditations theological? If not, what is it? (1) 10. What’s the task of the meditator in the beginning of the 1 st meditation? (1) 11. Name of the 2 hypotheses in the 1 meditation. (2) 12. What is established by the end of the 1 meditation? (2) nd 13. In the 2 meditation, Descartes establishes the natures of two things. Name them and explain the conclusions the meditator arrives at. (3) 14. Name the strategy he uses in this process to arrive at those conclusions: (1) 15. Is “I am, I exist” an argument? 16. What the mind clearly and distinctly perceive by mental scrutiny comes from this source: (1) 17. What is the purpose of the wax experiment, what does the meditator find out about the nature of the wax, and what does it demonstrate in general? (3) 18. Define res cognitans and res extensa. (1) 19. Compare and contrast Descarte’s and Socrates’ view of God. (6) 20. What are the three types of things the mind consists of? (3
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