PHIL 202 Study Guide - Final Guide: Venn Diagram, Germ Theory Of Disease, Third Gender

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16 Oct 2011

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Main Points
- Aristophanes’
three sex model
- Sun, earth, moon people (know the differences)
- Sun two males the light (more light more male)
why sun people are the best leaders? (look at weekly Qs)
most male, attracted to male things
- Earth two females no light
- Moon male and female sun reflects little light
- Reproduce the venn diagram
- Aristophanes’
three sex model
and its
employment by
later thinkers
- Ulrichs 3-sex model
(dionian is considered standard; they don’t require explanation because opposite sex
attraction is the standard)
i. Dionian male
ii. Dionian female
iii. Uranian anyone who isn’t heterosexual – everyone who requires special
- Ulrich’s germ theory
Who we explain uranians
Same sex attraction seeds of who we are might not match the gender of your body
its your germ that is attracted to the opposite sex; if we males are attracted to each
other, one of them have a female germ
M1 M2
[M germ] [F germ]
m1 senses m2’s f germ
F1 M1
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[M germ] [F germ]
F1 senses M2’s F germ
- Is sexual orientation innate or development
- Freud’s and Ulrich’s and Aristophanes’
-sexual orientation development or innate?
i. development: grow into;
FREUD: something about early childhood development
ii. innate: something that’s been there; there from birth; scientific view
- contrast the three sex models
- ARIS two sexes are homo
ULR one homo
- ARIS no need to explain whoever you were before you were split; doesn’t consider
sex orientation to be pathological; all have parallel orientation depends on who your
other half was before Zeus split you in half
ULR there is pathological explanation
- Third gender of
the Inuit
- Third gender straddling the divide
Shamanism (tribal magic man)
- Story of the strange man
- Big anus
- Explanations for Inuit decision to raise children the opposite sex
i. Division of labour within the family
ii. Dead ancestor reason
(spiritual) to keep family connection tight
- Interesting question for Clark how it helps society more stable
Gender swapping
- Hijras of India
- What is a hijra? Abduct intersex babies?
- Explanations of why people become hijras roles they fill
i. Economical reasons support each other make money from Indian man
through sex trade; ceremonial functions; embarrass people into giving them
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