POLS 110 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Power Law, Polis, Verb

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Latin words: politics: polis , pl. poleis (greek: political community sometimes city-state ), Monadic definitions (cid:42244) a monadic outlook is focusing on one primary definition, being the most important one for understanding a phenomenon. When attempting to define what politics is, definitions often focus on only one aspect of politics. Politics is a complex concept that is consequently dif cult to de ne, which is why most de nitions of politics take a monadic view. Some monadic outlooks may choose to focus on the following: Positives of a monadic outlook: simplify a complex concept for the purpose of a better understanding, comfort found within a brief, simple de nition. Negatives of a monadic outlook: does not demonstrate the interconnectedness between the various elements of politics, does not capture the complexity of the subject. Community % ideas and cultures that form within the community, the affairs of the community; public and private.

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