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Week one: professor kim nossal, friday classes are cancelled unless noti ed, lectures are essential for this course, tutorials do not start until monday, september 25th (that week) Course breakdown: essay outline 10, midterm 15, essay 35, exam 40, there is a possible 5% tutorial bonus. Thinking about politics: harold lasswell: who gets what, when how and why? , david easton: authoritative allocation of values for a society. , max weber: application of rules over a group of people within a de ned territory. Unmentioned possibilities: willingness of some to dominate and enslave others, why some people hate others enough to kill them, why some people are at war and some are at peace. Track where we are readings do not correlate with week numbers. Rst nations disruptions: also the conquest of the british ! French: we are still living with consequences (long term) !

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