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Political Studies
POLS 110
Maggie Mac Donald

ArticleThemes About Steven Lukes with Clarissa Power structure institutions Power can come in many forms getting what you want setting the Hayward Nobody to shoot agenda and changing peoples beliefs Power has practical concepts need to know who has itAnd evaluative concepts how well do social systems empower citizens Power is inly power when exercised but one can have agency without using itSocietal restraints versus one persons responsibility Michael Freeden What is Ideologies why we have Yep really what is so freakin special Special About Ideologiesthem ButwhatmakesideologicalthinkingcentrallysignificanttoourcomprehensionofthepoliticalrelatestoitsparticularfeaturesFourofthosefeaturesareitstypicalityitsinfluenceitscontextualcreativityanditscommonlanguagecommunicabilitySimplificationoftheworldinfluencemassmediaconsistentTransportsnormativetoobjectivesMilton Friedman with Rose D Classical liberalism Economic freedompolitical freedom Individualism yaya Friedman Capitalism and Freedom Geoff Dow What do we know Social democracy liberalism What do we know about social democracy Social democracy equality of opportunityDebate over what this entails healthcare education childcareShare equally in the standard of living that country can produce DemocracyuniversalvaluesAmartya Sen Democracy as a AcountrydoesnothavetobedeemedfitfordemocracyratheritUniversal Value Journal of hastobecomefitthroughdemocracyDemocracy ThevalueofdemocracyincludesitsintrinsicimportanceinhumanlifeitsinstrumentalroleingeneratingpoliticalincentivesanditsconstructivefunctionintheformationofvaluesItisnotaculturalvalueitisauniversalvaluenotbecauseitisuniversallyacceptedbutbecauseitisuniversallythoughttobegood
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