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PSYC 100 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Animal Communication, Categorical Perception, Noam Chomsky

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PSYC 100
Jordan Poppenk
Study Guide

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Lesson 11-12
1. Select the most accurate statement about human long-term episodic memory:
long-term episodic memory is highly constructive and is prone to errors.
2. Maria's ability to remember where she was on her 17th birthday illustrates _____
memory, whereas her ability to remember how to play Für Elise on the piano
illustrates ____ memory. The former is more ____ whereas the latter is more _____.
episodic; procedural; explicit; implicit
3. Elaborative is to __________ as maintenance is to __________. association;
4. Essay questions tend to be more difficult than multiple choice because with an essay
question: recall is required rather than recognition
5. Azmy is participating in an experiment in which he just heard a list of 15 words, and
is now being asked to recall them. He will probably: remember lots of items from
the beginning and the end of the list, not so many from the middle
6. Research on eyewitness testimony has shown that: retrieval cues can bias
eyewitness accounts
7. Which of the following lists is the easiest to remember? 8642097531
8. Rehearsal works best to encode information into long term memory when: it is used
to link new information with existing memories and knowledge
9. After studying the planets for his astronomy exam for hours, John received a phone
call from his friend who asked him to guess what kind of car he just bought. John
immediately replied, "A Saturn." That John's prior exposure to stimuli related to
planets influenced his response to his friend's question is called: priming
10. People with truly exceptional memories generally have: learned techniques for
organizing information
11. Critical periods for language development are determined by: biology
12. The two most basic units of speech are: morphemes and phonemes
13. Noam Chomsky accounts for children's ability to learn something as complex as
language by hypothesizing the existence of a language-acquisition device in the
brain. This device is: a set of inborn aids that permit children to understand the
elements of grammar common to all languages and to acquire the rules specific to
their own
14. What are the key properties of human language? Semanticity, generativity and
15. Which of the following is TRUE about categorical perception? It demonstrates that
our perception does not accurately reflect what is physically present in the sound
16. A child who uses the word "wawa" to refer not only to water but to milk, juice, and
other drinks is: overextending the word
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