PSYC 271- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 41 pages long!)

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29 Mar 2018

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Chapter 3: the anatomy of the nervous system. Systems, structures, and cells that make up your nervous system. Central nervous system (cns: brain (in the skull, spinal cord (in the spine, everything in cased in bone. Afferent nerves (sensory) - stuff comes in thru here, activate glands n shit , goes thru the sensory dorsal in spine. Efferent (motor) - stuff come out, re ex. Thursday, september 28, 2017: autonomic nervous system. Sympathetic nerves: efferent, ght or ight response. When it activates energy is mobilized, start processing stimuli at higher rate, arousal, heart rate and breathing increases, prepared to act: energy mobilization. Parasympathetic nerves: efferent, generally works in opposition to ans, rest and relax. Heart rate, decreases breathing decreases, digests food, decrease energy available to our skeletal muscles: energy conservation. The cns is encased in bone and covered by three protective membrane (meninges) Cerebellum - mini brain does basic functions.

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