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Week 9 and 10 Psych100

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Queen's University
PSYC 100
Ingrid Johnsrude

Week 9 and 10 Psychology 100 (Celiah Dale) th November 15 , 2013 1. Generally speaking, the value of sensory adaptation is that it: allows our attention to focus on the changes that occur in the environment. 2. When you’re taking a shower and you’re expecting a call, your experience of listening for the phone has to do with: your response bias. 3. The Gestalt Law of similarity predicts that: similar elements are perceptually grouped together. 4. This does reflect the effect of experience on perception:  Your perception of a clear, coherent and complete world, despite degraded and ambiguous sensory input.  The fact that our sensory system binds visible movement of a face with a concurrent speech utterance coming from another location to create the ventriloquism effect. 5. We ignore gaps in objects and perceive it as a complete form due to: The Gestalt principle of closure. 6. If two objects are assumed to be the same size, the object that casts the smaller retinal image will be perceived to: be more distant. 7. A white shirt is seen to be equally as bright in a dim room as outside because: Lightness constancy compensates for a difference in the amount of light reflected. 8. If you wanted to increase the size of a bottle without changing the price in order to benefit the consumers, but you also wanted to be financially smart and not waste your money, you would: determine the difference threshold for the new bottle size. 9. Visual search tasks: search is serial for conjunctions of features, but parallel or single features. 10. As sleep cycles progress over the course of an average night, the amount of time spent in REM s
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