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PSYC 100

While speaking to a person with schizophrenia, you mention the snow outside. The person replies, "I think snow is a fine thing because it's good for skiing. I used to ski. I wanted to sky down Bob Hope's nose because it's a ski jump nose, you know. Do you like your nose?" This example illustrates: Select one:  a. hallucinations.  b. echolalia.  c. overinclusion.   d. dissociation.  e. neologisms.   Question2 Correct Marked out of 1.00  Flag question Question text Some mental disorders are associated with a deficiency or excess of particular neurotransmitters. Which of the following statements regarding neurotransmitters and psychological disorders is not accurate? Select one:  a. A deficit in serotonin and norepinephrine are associated with depression.  b. Excess dopamine is associated with schizophrenia.  c. Too little serotonin and too much norepinephrine are associated with  depression.   d. Too little GABA is linked with anxiety disorders.  e. Too little serotonin is associated with some anxiety disorders.   Question3 Correct Marked out of 1.00  Flag question Question text People with schizophrenia are more likely to recover if they live in a: Select one:  a. developing society, in part because the people tend to regard the disorder as  temporary and refer to it in less stigmatizing terms.   b. developed society, in part because of access to the most modern medical  treatments.  c. developing society, in part because the scorn expressed for those who are not self­ sufficient is a powerful punishment that motivates them to get better.  d. household where the family members exhibit expressed emotion because this helps  them recover from their negative symptoms, such as flat affect.  e. developed society, in part because the people tend to be educated about and  sympathetic to mental disorders.   Question4 Correct Marked out of 1.00  Flag question Question text Janine reports hearing voices demanding that she carry out a mission for them. Which of the following symptoms of schizophrenia is she describing? Select one:  a. catatonic behavior.  b. delusions of control  c. delusions of persecution.  d. negative symptoms.  e. hallucinations.    Question5 Marked out of 1.00  Flag question Question text Moishe has suffered from mild depression for more than 4 years and is now experiencing a severe episode of depression that has kept him in bed for about 3 weeks. He would be best described as suffering from: Select one:  a. a somatoform disorder.  b. dysthymia.  c. double depression.   d. bipolar II disorder.  e. cyclothymia.   Question6 Correct Marked out of 1.00  Flag question Question text Who is most likely to be diagnosed as having schizophrenia? Select one:  a. Each of the individuals represented in the four responses has an equal chance of  developing schizophrenia.  b. The sibling of a person with schizophrenia.   c. The first cousin of a person with schizophrenia.  d. The spouse of a person with schizophrenia.  e. The nephew or niece of a person with schizophrenia.   Question7 Correct Marked out of 1.00  Flag question Question text Dysthymia is the chronic counterpart to ___________________, just as cyclothymia is the chronic counterpart to ___________________. Select one:  a. major depressive disorder; bipolar disorder.   b. major depressive disorder; generalized anxiety disorder.  c. generalized anxiety disorder; bipolar disorder.  d. bipolar disorder; major depressive disorder  e. bipolar I disorder; bipolar II disorder.   Question8 Correct Marked out of 1.00  Flag question Question text Which of the following chemicals is not considered a psychoactive substance? Select one:  a. cocaine.  b. all of these chemicals are considered to be psychoactive substances.   c. nicotine.  d. alcohol.  e. caffeine.   Question9 Correct Marked out of 1.00  Flag question Question text Which of the following substance-related issues is considered a substance-use disorder? Select one:  a. substance dependence.   b. both substance withdrawal and substance intoxication.  c. substance intoxication.  d. substance withdrawal.  e. substance experimentation.   Question10 Correct Marked out of 1.00  Flag question Question text People with depression generally exhibit a depressive explanatory style. As such, they tend to assign _________________, _________________, and _________________ attributions to negative events that they encounter. Select one:  a. external; global; stable  b. internal; specific; unstable  c. internal; global; stable 
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