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PSYC 221 Midterm: Psych 221 midterm review

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PSYC 221
Monica Castelhano

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Psych 221Midterm 2 Review: Chapter 6: What is LTM? Information retained for a long period of time (anything greater than 30 seconds) Triggers that help you remember things: smell, music and emotion Capacity of LTM: Stores a large amount, there is no exact number Duration of LTM: Your information that you remember drops suddenly but past a certain point levels out: o 146 years after graduation alumni were asked if they could recall aspects of their college town (street names) 46 years after graduation alumni remembers 40 of info, similar to alumni at 6 years Therefore, memories last a long time possible confound: the more memories that you form in your late teensearly twenties are more resilient than memories formed earlier or later Effects of Music: when you play music from their early years, to patients with Alzheimers and dementia, it triggers something like they can remember a bit of their old self (alive inside documentary) you should study with music, but it cannot distract you from what youre trying to learn (learning Japanese characters, while listening to music (either musically trained or not) those who were not musically trained did better) LTM vs STM: semantic (meaning) information Baddeley o Memorize a list of words with similar meanings (mad, map, man etc.) o Another group memorized a list of words with similar meanings (huge, big ,great etc.) o Results: In a short amount of time, it was easier to remember the list of words with similar meanings, and it was harder to remember ones that sounded similar In a long amount f time list with similar meanings were harder to get exactly right Sounds stored in STM Meaning stored in LTM
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